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Stress & Rescue
BLS & Oxygen Provider 

Do you want to become a more comfortable confident diver? 

The answer is YES!

We all want that when it comes to our dive adventures. The more comfortable we are the better the dives will be and the more FUN we will have!

This class is an excellent way to achieve that goal and become the diver you have always wanted to be. It will teach you the essential skills to be more efficient in an emergency situation not only to self assist, but to also assist your fellow dive buddy.

Class Schedule:

Friday Night 5:30pm-10pm

Saturday- 9am-5pm

Sunday - Dive day (Time Varies)

Stress & Rescue Class 
March 3rd - 5th

Stress & Rescue Class 
July 7th - 9th

Stress & Rescue Class 
October 6th & 7th 

What's Covered in Class

You will learn how to identify stress, how to prevent accidents and be taught practical techniques to conduct rescues and provide emergency care. With a combination of pool and open water practice sessions, you will become well prepared and confident at handling emergency and rescue situations.

BLS covers a variety of excellent rescue skills.

CPR for adult, child and infants

How to properly use an AED

How to help someone who is choking

How to help with a cut, burn, splint and much more!

The DAN Emergency Oxygen for Scuba Diving Injuries course teaches you how to administer life-saving oxygen first aid to divers who may be suffering from decompression illness (DCI). Additionally, this course will teach you how to recognize the signs and symptoms of decompression illness and respond to them accordingly.

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